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Following a successful career in the energy industry as an exploration geologist with BP and a then with a number of small start-up companies, I got involved in local politics in 2005. I was a councillor for Handside Ward from 2006 to 2008, and have helped the Handside and Peartree teams ever since, getting involved in many campaigns locally.

I helped lead the cross party Hospital SOS campaign in 2006-7, and was involved in the successful campaigns to stop the Hatfield Incinerator, reopen Marsden Road Post Office, make WGC a Fairtrade Town, and introduce plastic recycling. Whilst a councillor I helped to secure cross party support for a local Climate Change strategy and worked to raise awareness of green issues generally. I was also responsible for setting up the council’s Health Working Group to maintain local Council involvement in the local NHS after this function was transferred to the County Council.

I continue to work as a consultant in the energy sector, but am now looking for roles in renewable energy as that is the future. Meanwhile I am campaigning to fight the disastrous local plan that the Council is putting forward. As your County Councillor I will argue passionately for better integration of health and social care, more money for our schools, and for massive improvements in public transport, cycleways and footways, to give people a real alternative to driving.

If you have any questions, or any local issues you would like to see addressed , please get in touch with me, nigel@welhatlibdems.org.uk and I will do my best to help you.




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