Energy Bill Revolution gives LibDems five star rating

Energy Bill Revolution gives LibDems five stars for Energy policy

The Energy Bill Revolution is a pressure group set up to end fuel poverty. It is fair to say that have not been 100% supporters of the coalition. But when they look at the Party’s manifestos, it is the LibDems and Greens that come out on top. (Both UKIP and the Tories score Zero Stars by the way. Null points. Nada.)

Here’s what they say:

Liberal Democrats

EBR Rating:  5 Stars

EBR Comment: The Liberal Democrats have committed to both an ambitious new policy framework to deliver whole house retrofits to low income households and a new infrastructure revenue stream to meet ambitious targets, backed by legislation. Strong targets, high standards and new investment. Full marks.

Liberal Democrat Pledges:  

  • make energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority and use capital infrastructure funds to help finance the programme
  • insulate 10 million homes over the next 10 years and 4 million by 2020 with the targets enshrined in a Green Buildings Act
  • zero interest loans for the able to pay for energy efficiency retrofits
  • bring all low income homes up to a high standard of energy efficiency by 2027 (EPC Band C)
  • to bring all social and private rented housing up to a high standard of energy efficiency by 2027 (EPC Band C)

Read the full report here


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