Legal Experts Point up LibDem focus on Green Energy

City lawyers BLP Law have issued a briefing note on the energy policies of each of the parties. Here is what they say about the Liberal Democrat policies:

Liberal Democrats: 60% of electricity from renewable sources by 2030

They have really focused on winning “green” votes and their manifesto focuses very much on decarbonisation, emissions reduction and renewables.

They have created the “Green Magna Carta” – five new laws to fight climate change.

They are the only party (other than the Greens) who specifically refer to biomass, and they are also in favour of both onshore wind and nuclear power.

They refer to a £100 billion investment in low-carbon energy infrastructure by 2020 but there is no mention of how that sum will be raised or how energy will compete with their many other spending priorities.

It is a fair summary and shows just how committed we are to tackling climate change and developing a modern green economy in the UK. The answer to the last point comes mainly from the Green Investment Bank which has already delivered £6billion of new investment (both public and private) into green technology. Ed Davey’s Energy Act has paved the way for significant private investment into this sector.

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